Caring for Each Other

Reaching out in love beyond the parish walls is critical for our life with God in Christ. Reaching out to one another within the parish family is equally important.

Gathering Meal Groups There is a mighty dedicated group of folks who prepare a very fine meal, week after week, following the Gathering Service at 5:00, before classes begin.  The crowd ranges from 100-250 … talk about loaves and fishes!  Needless to say, the work is part of the gift of this group, but the rewards are limitless!  Requests for recipes, thanks unbounded, and requests for “just a little more” must feed their egos!  There is always room for more helpers. E-mail Ms. Jessica Scott at jscott@stjohnsroanoke.org

Parish Life Teams prepare and serve food for Sunday morning brunches, parish group meetings, Lenten suppers, and receptions after funerals. E-mail the Rev. Erin Hensley at ehensley@stjohnsroanoke.org.

Pastoral Care Committee This busy committee, of men and women of all ages, provides food and refreshment for all gatherings of the congregation:  breakfast foods after the 8:00 service, special events, Gathering meal (support), Shrove Tuesday Pancakes, weekly Lenten dinners, Funeral receptions, etc., to name a few.  Chopping onions and shredding cheese have never been so fun, as when you share laughter and love in the St. John’s kitchen.E-mail the Rev. Erin Hensley at ehensley@stjohnsroanoke.org.

Welcoming Committee members serve as greeters, cook food for newcomers’ receptions, and write follow up notes to newcomers. E-mail the Rev. Erin Hensley at ehensley@stjohnroanoke.org.

Newcomer Incorporation Team  Visitors and newcomers are encouraged to share name and contact information.  They are given a “Gift” bag with some facts about St. John’s, etc. The info gathered from them is followed-up by Clergy and committee members, with calls, visits and encouragement to become a part of us.  Three times during the year a reception (prepared by the committee) is held in the home of a Clergy member, with many St. John’s staff members available joining.  Newcomers respond well to this ministry – we welcome all! E-mail the Rev. Erin Hensley at ehensley@stjohnsroanoke.org

Intercessory Prayer Group:  Members of this confidential prayer group pray daily for any and all who might request prayer for themselves or others.  Prayers might be solicited for any life change, illness, sadness, or joy.  The Intercessory Prayer Group considers its private, individual time of prayer to be a time of grace and honor. E-mail the Rev. Mary Mackin at mmackin@stjohnsroanoke.org