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Living Into the Seasons: Stories, Theology, and Us
St. John’s Adult Christian Education Series Winter 2015

As 2015 unfolds, come and explore the biblical stories and theology behind the seasons of the Church year.
This narrative is God’s story, our story.  

In-car-na-tion: God with us in the flesh in Jesus, the Son of God and Son of Man
E-piph-a-ny: the manifestation of Jesus as the Christ to the Gentiles, the non-Jewish world, for the whole world
Lent: the time of preparation before Easter, a time of self-examination, self-denial, prayer and study,
to help us return to the Lord and know the reality of the resurrection

Come and find your part in the continued unfolding of God’s story.
Come and see your days anew.
This Sunday at 9:15 a.m. 6:30 p.m. Theology of the Epiphany

Oyster Roast & Auction to benefit The Community Youth Program
The proceeds from this one-of-a-kind event are integral
to supporting the high quality programming we provide to our students.
Just like last year, your ticket price includes all you can eat food & beverages. This year we're stirring it up with a Spanish flair - adding paella to the menu of hot steamed oysters,
cold beverages, Dickie Roe's mouthwatering bbq & ribs, dessert, & more!
We'll have live music and a silent auction including gift certificates, dishes from local cooks and restaurants. We'll also have a Live Auction featuring trips and experiences like no other!
Saturday, January 31st
6:00 pm
Tickets: $75.00
In the Parish Hall at St. John's Episcopal Church
Tickets available for purchase after the church services
or by mailing in the reservation form below
Names of Attendees:________________________________________________________________________
Total enclosed ($75 per person):_____________
Phone Number: ___________________________
E-mail (for confirmation):________________________________________________
 Can't make it? Aw, shucks! Donations are always appreciated!  
Donation Enclosed: $________________
Mail to: CYP: P.O. Box 257 Roanoke, VA 24002  

Safeguarding God’s Children: A Call to Go Beyond Naiveté
and a Commitment to Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

By the time children reach the age of 18, 1 in 4 females and 1 in 8 males have been abused. People who abuse children depend on secrecy and silence. Given both of these realities, we must talk about this topic so that we can protect children. We must go beyond naiveté.  

We are blessed in the Episcopal Church to be equipped to do just that. This equipping for the prevention of child sexual abuse is through a curriculum called Safeguarding God’s Children. In this training, adults learn to watch for the signs of abuse, act, and respond so that we can keep children safe.

At St. John’s Episcopal Church, we are committed to the safety of children. Part of how we live out this commitment is by ensuring that all adults who work with children and youth are trained in the prevention of child sexual abuse via the Episcopal Church’s Safeguarding God’s Children training.

Children’s Church leaders and Sunday school teachers, youth group leaders, outreach lay minister volunteers who work with children and youth, vergers, and beadles are all trained in the prevention of sexual child abuse. If you are an adult in any of these roles and you need your Safeguarding God’s Children training renewed, contact the appropriate staff person before February 1. The online renewal needs to be done two years after the face to face training and every two years after; the online renewal takes less than an hour. Contact Barbara Simpson (bsimpson@stjohnsroanoke.org) for ministries for children, John Simpson (jsimpson@stjohnsroanoke.org) for ministries for youth, the Rev. David Olson (dolson@stjohnsroanoke.org) for outreach ministries, and vergers and beadles.  If you are an adult in any of the above roles and you need face to face training, which is good for two years before a need for online renewal, then save the date for Sunday, February 1 from 1:00-4:00 p.m.

The Rev. Erin Hensley will lead Safeguarding God’s Children training on Sunday, February 1, from 1:00-4:00 p.m. in the Parish Hall. All adults are welcome and encouraged to attend this training.

Your time will not be wasted. Children appropriately depend on adults to protect them from child sexual abuse. We must talk about this topic together.  Armed with shared information and action plans for identifying and preventing child sexual abuse, we can keep a generation of children safe!

Companions in Christ
Join Companions in Christ, a women's small group, as we read Richard Rohr's "Great Themes of Scripture: New Testament." In this book, prolific author Richard Rohr and co-author Joseph Martos set out to uncover "the many ways salvation themes are proclaimed by the various authors and literary styles of the New Testament."

CiC A.M. meets weekly for spiritual book study and prayer on Tuesdays, 9:30-11:00a.m.

RSVP to Christie Wills (roanokewills@gmail.com) by Feb. 2 to join the discounted book order through Canterbury Bookstore. Companions will begin early February.

Music on the Corner presents Silent Film Festival. 
Friday, February 6 at 6:00 p.m.
Paul Fleckensteinaccompanies selected classics from the silent film era on the organ.

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